Your Image

How you present your micronation is vital to success in micronationalism. If your micronation is presented as hastily put together by some guy who has little idea of what he’s doing, then that’s exactly how people will perceive it.


This is where you can let your creative side take over.

You’ll need a flag and coat of arms at least. For flags, this is an excellent resource as a general guide of what not to do when designing a flag.

As for a coat of arms, you can pretty much let your imagination run wild. There are many different types of coats of arms, from the royally complicated to the simplistic and easy to draw. Your micronation, your choice.

National things

What about your national anthem? Most micronations take existing national anthems or other songs and pieces to suit them. However, a select few have composed their own. If you’re feeling adventurous or particularly musical, it helps to make your micronation as unique as possible.

Other ‘national things’ are also good. Try having a national food, sport or anything else that you can think of. It’s more fun and promotes activities, which, not surprisingly, helps activity.