Probably the most-asked question in micronationalism is: ‘How do I get activity in my micronation?’ This should hopefully help you in ensuring that you have some sort of activity in your micronation. Without activity, your micronation fades into insiginificance and eventually dies. Now we don’t want that, do we?

Promote activity with activities!

This may seem fairly obvious, but it’s the best way of turning your micronation from just a political simulation into a real and proper community.

Activities within your micronation could include:

  • Gaming contests
  • Roleplaying
  • Forum games

There are many more options available to you, and it’s mostly up to you to come up with things that will entice citizens and, most importantly, keep them active. There’s nothing worse than having 49 other citizens who logged in to your forum, posted once or twice for citizenship, and never log in again.

Get citizens involved

A unique part of micronationalism is that you will hardly ever have passive citizens. If you don’t let your citizens participate in something in your micronation, they will quickly turn into inactive citizens. Thus, it is very important that you provide a wide range of opportunities for your citizens to participate in your micronation, even if it’s not government-related.

Some ideas include interest groups/societies, particular departments in a government and foreign affairs. The key here is get and keep people interested and involved!